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Did you have a close call with a chainsaw but were saved by our chaps?

Did you get caught in below zero weather but our clothes kept you warm?

Write out your testimonial and send it to us. We'll post them here!



Doctor saved himself trip to ER.

Maples are dangerous.


"I am a "senior citizen" who was in your store, a few years ago, looking at chaps to wear while cutting wood. An older gentleman waited on me and suggested that the chaps worn on the outside of the pants might hang up on brush, the tractor etc. He showed me a pair of your Madsen logger jeans with the Labonville snap-in safety pads. I was impressed and bought a pair.
Recently I was limbing a felled tree and ran the chain saw across my upper left thigh. The saw ripped through the jeans and was stopped by the insert. Your jeans saved me from injury and you can plan on me buying a few more pairs of jeans."

- John Clark, Roy, WA


"I just wanted to send a thank you! I got a pair of your black pants from the Bishop store in Jackman, Maine about 15 years ago. I have worn these pants logging, commercial fishing, snowmobiling, hunting, etc. I was dragged up a hot top road with them on once! I wear them all the time. The quality of your product has impressed me year in and year out. Thank you!"

- Josh Willard, Lamoine, ME

P.S. "I had these pants on top of Cadillac Mt. when the wind chill was -55° with no troubles. Also was wearing them on a snowmobile trip in Quebec with -68° wind chill. The sleds froze but I didn't!"


"About the middle of December, 1982, Tim Crapp (Monona) had felled a tree and was delimbing it. As he cut a limb the fallen tree was resting on, the limb - or the tree as it dropped - forced his chain saw toward his leg.

The chain cut through the timber chaps he worse at the edge where it is thin, and almost through the heavy part, through his heavy underwear, and made two blue marks on his skin. The skin was NOT cut! Tim believes he would have had a serious laceration except for the protection provided by the timber chaps.

This accident has repaid Webster Lumber Company for the Entire Investment thus far in leg protection for loggers. And Tim believes he has saved more than money - his leg!"

- M. R. Gerszewski


" was cutting brush on a logging road when, as I cut a 3' sapling, it came toward me. I stepped back and the sapling came down on my arm, with the saw chain running. It came across my knee. The chain was entangled in the material and stopped. I was not hurt; you have an excellent product. Thank you."

- Charlie Brook, Fair Haven, VT



Thank you for opening my eyes to your atv recovery system. It is so much more than that. You see, I am a general contractor. I have found many other ways to use your system. We have used it to pull cabling through very tight enclosed situations. By using the straps and pulley systems it was a breeze. It has been used when twitching down trees from precarious situations. I have assisted other atv owners that had developed technical difficulties, including my own when my 2014 pioneer 700 with tracks went off trail into a five foot deep trench. Without your system I would have had to wait for help by a local groomer to get the 1,400 pound vehicle back on the trail.

Thanks for a great idea and product

Brian lang

Home Remodeling & Construction

Gorham, NH USA
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"Ordered a Norse logging winch on Monday and on Friday it was delivered. It took me all of an hour to do the final assembly on it and on Saturday I was pulling logs with it. My tractor is on the low side of the horse power rating of it but I hooked up to several logs and it pulled them easy. I can't be happier with the purchase. For the small woodlot to clean up after I had the property logged off it will be great to get all of the 290 tops cleaned up. Labonville is a great company to work with. Great price and free shipping sold me."
Charles G.


"I just ordered my second pair of Kevlar safety Chain Saw boots. I bought the first pair in the fall of 2009 for building my log home and have used them every year since, cutting about 55 cords of firewood per year. They have been awesome and I wouldn't think of owning a pair of boots for chain saw use without the Kevlar protection. An added benefit, I called the store to see if they had a record of my last purchase so I would get the right size again and they were able to pull it up from 2009. Great company to do business with!!"

Tom S.



"Purchased Trygg skidder chains, double diamond, double studded, also bought chain tightner that can be operated with a impact wrench! Very Pleased! Much better than my old jack tightner!

Thanks Karl Walter

Walters Forest Products  MI