3/8' PEWAG G-100 Round Link Chain - G100R

3/8" PEWAG G-100 Round Link Chain - G100R

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Pewag G-100 Round Link Chain - G100R
Part Number: G10038R
  • Herc-Alloy® is now one of the most recognized and trusted brands in the rigging industry and is only offered by Columbus McKinnon. Made in America, CM Herc-Alloy® 1000 products are made of superior triple alloy steel that provides the best strength-to-weight performance in the industry.

    • Meets ASTM A973 & NACM standards
    • 25% higher working load limit when compared to Grade 80
    • Environmentally friendly black coating for distinct appearance and ease of identification
    • Certification included with every drum
    • 100% proof tested
    • Design factor 4:1

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