Founder's of Labonville

Mission Statement

    To Proudly continue the legacy our parents started when they crossed the Canadian border during the Great Depression with two toddlers, no money, language skills or jobs.
     They Started with virtually nothing but their blood, sweat and tears building a highly respected and successful international company known throughout the world as a "Quality First" company. We continue with their vision of making TOP QUALITY, MADE IN THE USA PRODUCTS. We know it is this great country that provides us with the privilege to start, build and expand this company to where it is today, step by step, dollar by dollar... We also know that when the going gets tough...AMERICA will always be here to provide us with the opportunity to supply YOU with the Top-Quality AMERICAN MADE products you've grown to depend on. The "imports" are here today...where will they be tomorrow?? In AMERICA...our NAME and LEGACY lives on...

Thank you for your support!! The Labonville Family - Since 1953