Trygg Single Truck Cross Chains
Trygg Single Truck Cross Chains

Trygg Single Truck Cross Chains

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TRYGG Tire Chains are manufactured from alloyed steel which contains chrome, manganese, nickel and boron. Then chains are hardened to perfection. All tire chains are made of double steel. The outer layer is carbon rich for wear resistance and the core is manganese/chrome alloyed for extra toughness. All studs and lugs are oversized and made of boron steel to ensure the maximum core hardness.

TRYGG chains is the only remaining chain manufactured in Norway, and is widely recognized as a global leader within its scope of expertise. By using high quality steel produced in European steelworks, and maintaining full control throughout the entire production process, TRYGG chains guarantees quality in every link. We pride ourselves on satisfying our customers supply chain requirements, and therefore maintain the largest "ready available" stocks in the business, both with regards to volume and product diversity. We also offer "Tailor made" solutions, and are the supplier of choice to many reputable companies within the shipbuilding, seismic, and oil and gas industries.

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