Winch Manuals

Norse winch manuals with parts breakdown

Discontinued and Non-Stocked Models Listed Below
Norse 5500
(discontinued 1998)
Norse 5000
(discontinued 1980)
Norse 4500
(discontinued 1998)
Norse 3500
(discontinued 1989)
Norse 3081
(discontinued 1984)
 NORSE 2500
(discontinued 1982)
 NORSE 400
(discontinued 2000)
 NORSE 366
 NORSE 365
(discontinued 1995)
 NORSE 360
(discontinued 1995)
(old style - discontinued 1999)
 NORSE 180
(discontinued 1999)

Replacing the Clutch Pads on Norse Winches

Step 1

Take off the 6 main drum bolts from the main winch frame unit and drum brake.

Step 2

Pull the drum unit from the main winch frame onto a work table.

Step 3

Unlock the connecting link of the drive chain and remove the drive chain.

Step 4

Take off the connecting bolts to the drum frame unit and cable guard.

Step 5

Take off the main connecting nut.

Step 6

Take off the connecting bracket from the drum unit.

Step 7

The drum unit is now ready to separate from the sprocket unit.

Step 8

Lift the drum off the main shaft and clutch assembly.

Step 9

To Remove the old clutch pads use a hammer to "unpean" the connecting box brackets.

Step 10

Place your new clutch pads into the boxes on the drive plate.

Step 11

Pictured are the clutch pads placed onto the clutch pad boxes.

Step 12

Use a hammer again to "pean over" the box brackets to hold the clutch pads in place.

Step 13

This photo shows how the pulley rope system should be attached onto a work table.

Important Note

The rugged and robust construction of the Norse Winch internal frame components ensure years of trouble free performance.